Why Artuta?

We aim to cultivate creativity, foster individuality, and build self-esteem.

Out of all the online art classes out there, why should you choose us? What makes Artuta so unique? Well, let us explain how Artuta is not your typical art class.

Learn with Artists!

Artuta truly values individuality and uniqueness. We believe that everyone has an inner artist and we are here to help unleash it. Our approach to do so is to encourage students to discover and absorb knowledge on their own. By interacting with artists and creating art with them, they can feel and connect with art. All of our instructors are professional artists who are passionate about connecting people through art. They will share their skills, experiences and perspectives with you

Instructor Kosuke’s studio view

Be creative together.

Creativity is contagious. Our students from all around the world inspire each other by sharing their ideas and artworks. Also, all of our classes are small. In a small group, students can receive more individualized and personal attention. This helps create connectedness in class, build strong relationships with each other, and make them feel more comfortable expressing their creativity.

sibling participants enjoy drawing together!

Build Self-confidence.

We believe that art should be fun for anyone and it is our responsibility to create fun experiences and make art fun for you. We are here to lift you up. There is no right or wrong in art. Everyone is creative in their own way. We also use our original picture-sharing platform where students can upload pictures of their artworks and receive comments from the instructors and their classmates. This helps students build self-confidence and stay motivated.

participating student presenting his work via Zoom

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