Kosuke Kawahara

Artist / Painter



Lives and works at Brooklyn, NY

2020 Pratt Institute, Master of Fine Arts in Painting/Drawing

2003 Okayama Prefectural University, BFA in Visual Design

Hello, my name is Kosuke. I was born in Japan and have been a New York-based artist since 2011. I’ve recently finished a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from Pratt Institute and have been a working artist at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts studio program since 2021. Having studied graphic design at Okayama Prefectural University (Japan), my interest then turned to painting and drawing, which I taught myself. This background gives me special insight into how environment and an active learning approach impact the growth of art students.

What I love about visual art is that it’s an intuitive language with which you can convey emotions you otherwise cannot verbalize. For me, non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication, if not even more nuanced through the use of a variety of creative practices. I believe everyone has the potential to be an artist. Let’s discover it! I look forward to meeting you and growing with you here at Artuta!
To me, art education is about sharing the process of art making—as well as my life experiences—through interactive communication. No one can teach art because art is personal; yet exchanging our different outlooks, wisdom and sensibilities enable us to define for ourselves what makes us unique. Teaching kids is particularly rewarding because, while students benefit from my techniques and experience as a working artist, I am in awe of their fresh ideas and sensitivity.

Instead of, “being taught,” I would like students to absorb. Learning art is very stimulating! All the techniques, concepts and ideas surrounding art production are exciting, but it’s also about the process of overcoming challenges, applying patience to oneself while one grows and looking at what it means to make a “mistake.” Making art is making choices and so it’s a perfect vehicle for reflecting on one’s decision-making process. At Artuta, students always have a choice in how to follow the lesson plan—or whether to follow it at all! Cultivating one’s own expression takes time, but the skills gained will be valuable for a lifetime.

Joan Hacker

Artist / Photographer / Musician



Lives and works at Brooklyn, NY

2021 Columbia University, Master of Fine Arts in Sound Art

My name is Joan and I am an instructor of interdisciplinary art here at Artuta. As a teenager in Seattle during the 90s, I developed my love for experimental music and have played in various bands since, as a singer and instrumentalist. I moved to NYC in the late 90s, having studied drawing, painting and photography as an undergrad at Sarah Lawrence College and sound installation, video and writing during my MFA at Columbia University. Professionally, I work as a photographer, designer and audio-visual operator. My current artistic focus is electronic music and long-form fiction writing. Thematically, all of my work investigates tensions between consciousness and idealism.

My work’s been shown at the New York Public Library, Times Square, Anthology Film Archives, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Fridman Gallery, Experimental Intermedia and published in Vice, Art Forum, The Wire, Kerrang!, Detroit Metro Times, Bizarre, Decibel, Brooklyn Vegan, Denzatsu, Cvlt Nation among others.

Some facts about me: I’m from Seattle and I am obsessed with Indian food!
In one sense, art can’t be taught per se, but rather inspired through one’s own engagement and love. I’ve had the good fortune of being moved by teachers whose breadth of knowledge and curiosity sparked my own inquisitiveness- into the world, the meaning of objects and notions of self.

As a teacher, I enjoy, of course, sharing an interesting technique or tool, but really I hope my students feel free to explore their own artistic language in a space free from judgment or competition. It’s in this space that you can lose yourself in the work and discover something unexpected about yourself!

Jerry Chan

Artist / Game Designer



Lives and works at New Jersey, NJ

2020 Pratt Institute, Master of Fine Arts in Painting/Drawing

2016 The Chinese University, BFA in Fine Arts

Hi there! I am Jerry Chan, a Hong Kong drawing and animation artist based in New Jersey. I focus on comics drawing and hand-drawn animation. I completed my MFA at Pratt Institute in New York and my BFA at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am interested in telling stories in an alternative and subtle way which can give room for audiences’ imagination. I have also curated a few group exhibitions in Hong Kong concerning experimental comics.

I recently started my career in game development with my friends while I am responsible for visual design. This experience has reinforced my knowledge of storytelling, animation making and drawing skills. I am still hungry for some innovative narrative building discovery! Let’s find it together, shall we?

Jessica Lee

Artist / Collage and Soft Sculpture Artist



Lives and works in New York, NY

2008 Parsons School of Design, The New School, Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts

2004 University of California, Riverside, Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio

Hello! I’m Jessica, I am a collage and soft sculpture artist. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I work behind the scenes editing and creating blog posts for Artuta. I earned my Bachelors degree in Studio Art from the University of California, Riverside and my Masters in Fine Art from Parsons. As an undergrad, I studied photography, but discovered that I loved making objects with my hands and started my soft sculpture practice. Growing up I collaged often, after moving to New York the scale of my work had to decrease drastically due to cramped quarters, so I began collaging again. My work consists of small scale hand-cut paper collages and hand sewn soft sculptures. I am inspired by memories, photographs, and vintage toys. My work explores ideas of preciousness, longing, loss, and fluff.
I love art making. I believe it is an extension of ourselves. A way to express emotions, feelings, and ideas we don’t have words for. And share a part of ourselves whether we are aware of it or not. As an artist, I am so grateful to have my creative outlets, thus I always seek out to support the arts in one way or the other. I hope Artuta students enjoy making as much as I do!
When I was in high school, my mom enrolled me in Saturday art school. I struggled academically, but taking art classes excited me and gave me a sense of freedom and power with my imagination. It allowed me to see and experience things around me differently. An art education opened up more possibilities for me than I saw. Art education is about learning through play, experimenting with techniques, learning to listen to yourself, and creating your own artistic voice through curiosity and effort.
drawing of pink creature

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