FAQ & How-to's

  • ・Check if you have the Zoom meeting URL received in your email. If you can’t find it, contact us right away.
  • ・Have a fully charged device
  • ・Make sure your audio, camera, and speaker work
  • ・Make sure your room is not dark
  • ・Click on the link and enter password if needed
  • ・Wait until the instructor lets you in the virtual meeting room
  • ・Keep your audio on
  • ・Keep Display View on
  • ・Go to My Children tab
  • ・Add child
  • ・Go to Booking page
  • ・Select your class
  • ・Pick your date range
  • ・Make sure your timezone is selected
  • ・Search
  • ・Select plan (unit or package)
  • ・Add a number of students attending
  • ・Select date and time
  • ・Place an order

First, choose a class you would like to book (follow the same steps as How to book your Class.) Then you will see that the package plan is automatically selected as your price plan on the booking page if you have an active package plan.

If you have any trouble booking with your package plan, contact us right away! Our staff will be able to assist you.

Email: info@artuta.net

If you want to know how many classes are available within your package, first log in to your account and go to your Order tab where you can check your order history. You should see a number of remaining classes there.
When you use up all your sessions in your package plan, you can simply book a new class/session and select a package plan to purchase a new package plan.
You can reschedule your class with no fee until 24 hours prior to your booked class.
Follow the steps below to reschedule.
  • 1. Go to My Bookings
  • 2. Find the class you want to reschedule
  • 3. Click on Change Schedule
  • 4. Pick a new date and time
  • 5. Update schedule
You can cancel your class and get fully refunded if it’s before 24 hours prior to the booked class.
  • 1. Go to My Bookings
  • 2. Choose a class you would like to cancel
  • 3. Remove class
Artuta is offering a trial session to first-time learners. You can book your first trial on our website.
  • 1. Search classes
  • 2. Pick a class you would like to take
  • 3. If you are a first-time customer, you will see a trial option in the Plan category. Please select that.
  • 4. Pay and complete your booking
Artuta Gallery is open to those who have taken more than 2 classes.
  • 1. Log in to your account
  • 2. Click on the Pictureframe icon on the top right
  • 3. Click on the blue icon with + mark on the bottom right
  • 4. Add your post
You will receive a notification when the instructor comments on your post.
You can simply go to your post from your notifications.

You can comment on any postings by typing in Reply box. We ask that anyone engaging with Artuta Gallery shows courtesy, kindness and respect for all other members of our Artuta communities.

  • ・Go to Gallery
  • ・Find your posting you wish to delete
  • ・Click on the three dots under the picture
  • ・Delete
Please note that once you delete your posting, you will not be able to undo it.
Please contact us to discuss [ info@artuta.net]

You can get a full refund if you request to cancel your class 24 hours before the class starts.

You may not receive a refund if you request to reschedule your class.

We’d like to kindly ask you to join from a tablet or laptop. It’s because our instructors will share their screen via Zoom and show their drawing details.

You can still join the class even if you are late. However, if you are going to be late by more than 20 minutes, we are afraid you will be marked absent.

We encourage you to keep them and if possible display them at home. Displaying your kid’s artwork is a fantastic way to boost their confidence. Your child can walk into your home or even your office and know that he or she has your support, and they’ll feel a sense of pride in knowing that their artwork.

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Please contact us with any inquiries about our class as well as your scheduled class.


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