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Planna, Inc.. (the “Company”) will acquire and handle a substantial amount of personal information of its clients, teachers and staff members because the Company provides art education to its clients. The Company understands that appropriate management of personal information is the reason its clients feel secure about using the Company’s services, and the Company will appropriately protect all personal information provided to it in the course of its business, in recognition of the importance and highly confidential nature of such information.
1. Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information
In our business of providing online art education the Company will acquire and provide personal information appropriately, use personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve previously defined usage purposes, and take measures to prevent the use of personal information for purposes other than those previously defined. The Company may disclose or provide personal information to a third party for purposes of entrusting the handling of such information or for joint usage of such information, to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of its business. The Company will not provide personal information without the consent of the information principal, except in the cases described above or as required by applicable laws and regulations.
1-1 What Data the Company Get
The Company collects certain data from you directly, like information you enter yourself, data about your participation in courses, and data from third-party platforms you connect with. The Company also collects some data automatically, like information about your device and what parts of our Services you interact with or spend time using.
1-2 Data You Provide to the Company
The Company may collect different data from or about you depending on how you use the Services. Below are some examples to help you better understand the data the Company collects.
When you create an account and use the Services, including through a third-party platform, the Company collects any data you provide directly, including:

Account Data
Profile Data
Shared Content
Course Data
Student Payment Data
Data About Your Accounts on Other Services
Sweepstakes, Promotions, and Surveys
Communications and Support

The data listed above is stored by the Company and associated with your account.
1-3 Data We Collect through Automated Means
System Data
Usage Data
Approximate Geographic Data
1-4 How the Company Gets Data About You
The Company uses tools like cookies, web beacons, and similar tracking technologies to gather the data listed above. Some of these tools offer you the ability to opt out of data collection.
1-5 Cookies and Data Collection Tools
The Company uses cookies, which are small text files stored by your browser, to collect, store, and share data about your activities across websites, including on the Company. They allow the Company to remember things about your visits to Artuta, like your preferred language, and to make the site easier to use. To learn more about cookies, visit

The Company and service providers acting on our behalf (like Google Analytics and third-party advertisers) use server log files and automated data collection tools like cookies, tags, scripts, customized links, device or browser fingerprints, and web beacons (together, “Data Collection Tools“) when you access and use the Services. These Data Collection Tools automatically track and collect certain System Data and Usage Data (as detailed in Section 1) when you use the Services. In some cases, we tie data gathered through those Data Collection Tools to other data that we collect as described in this Privacy Policy.
1-6 What the Company Uses Your Data For
The Company uses your data to do things like provide our Services, communicate with you, troubleshoot issues, secure against fraud and abuse, improve and update our Services, analyze how people use the Company’s Services, serve personalized advertising, and as required by law or necessary for safety and integrity.
2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, etc.
The Company will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations, guidelines, etc. in respect of the handling of personal information.
3. Implementation of Security Measures to Protect Personal Information
The Company will use efforts to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, damage, leakage, etc. of personal information by educating each of its employees, to ensure the security and appropriateness of personal information handling. The Company will also undertake to detect inadequacies in the handling of personal information (if any) at an early stage through daily checks, internal audits, etc., and will endeavor to prevent any recurrence of such inadequacies by investigating the causes of any inadequacy and the taking of remedial measures.
4. Complaints and Questions regarding Handling of Personal Information
The Company will set up a point of contact and respond promptly and in good faith to any complaint, question, etc. regarding its handling of personal information.
5. Continuing Improvement of this Policy
The Company will regularly review this policy and make continuous efforts to improve it in order to achieve such level of personal information protection that corresponds to changes in the social environment, advancements in information technology, etc. as well as the business environment of the Company.

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