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Student work showcase at Tappeto Volante
Fall 2024 | Open to the public
Artuta presents its annual student exhibit at Brooklyn gallery, Tappeto Volante, showcasing student work from our in person and online classes.
All our students are invited to participate in the exhibition. Presenting artwork is not just about showcasing talent, for students it is a crucial part to self-discovery and sharing personal interests through the preparation and selection of their artwork. This process teaches students to effectively organize their portfolios and reaffirms their unique potential.
The exhibit is on view to the public during gallery hours. Come celebrate and support our students!
About Tappeto Volante
Tappeto Volante, “flying carpet” in Italian, is a multidisciplinary exhibition and performance space which also serves as a community hub and residency program. Tappeto Volante celebrates resilience by actively participating in the New York City Renaissance and affirming its values of inclusivity, gender equality, and BIPOC empowerment.
Gallery Hour
2pm-7pm ET
Tappeto Volante, 126 13th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tappeto Volante Gallery View
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