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Artuta is a Brooklyn-based art school for all ages featuring classes taught by working, professional artists. Our student-centered teaching methodology fosters creativity, concentration and problem-solving. Artuta’s classes build in time for discussion and reflection, so, in addition to an expanded skill set, even experienced students will come away with a deeper relationship with their artistic practice.
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in person
Observational Drawing
At Tappeto Volante
Wed 4-6pm
Sat, Sun 10am-12pm
$80 per session
For ages 9-18
in person
Summer Art Camp
At Tappeto Volante
June 24-Aug 30, 2024
Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm
$525 per week
For ages 9-18
in person
Drawing Salon
At Tappeto Volante
Wednesdays 3pm
Saturdays 9pm
For ages 8+
in person
Figure Drawing
At Tappeto Volante
Wed 7pm-10pm
$20 per session
For ages 18+
online class
Class Series
Spring & Summer 2024
Saturdays 2pm-3:30pm ET
$45 per session
For ages 11-18
online class
Drawing Salon
Wednesdays 7pm ET
Sundays 9am ET
Suggested $5
All ages welcome!
drawing of 5 orange face and purple body creatures

Our name Artuta is from the phraseART OUT. Similar to “work out,” when you “art out” you’re putting effort into improving your artistic skills. Artuta is about helping students “art out,” while reaching their full potential as young artists.

But that’s not all, the name Artuta coincidentally indicates the word “tutor.” At Artuta, we have professional artists working as instructors or tutors that help students develop their creative skills. Like our name, we hope to encounter happy accidents through creating in our classes.

That’s the story of our name, Artuta! It’s fun, playful, and represents our aim of helping students work out their artistic skills, develop creative skills over time, and become confident creative individuals!

the boy showing his drawing to the teacher
the girl drawing
Think outside of the box
Boost your creative mind
Develop intuition
Go through trials and errors
Develop your internal voice
Integrated practice
Holistic experience
Simplicity through complexity

Our kids come home really inspired and it drives them to make more art in new ways that they hadn’t thought of on their own.

T, New York

kid drawing 1

Loved the fun atmosphere. And I could tell the instructor is such a nice and caring person. My daughter really loved Artuta Gallery too. It keeps her motivated.

A, Washington

kid drawing 2

Even I enjoyed watching the instructor drawing live! I also liked how the instructor encourages students to draw what they like instead of having them draw the same thing.

T, New Jersey

kid drawing 3
Jerry Chan
Jerry Chan

New Jersey based Artist,

Game Designer

MFA in Painting & Drawing,

Pratt Institute

Joan Hacker
Joan Hacker

Brooklyn based Artist,

Musician, Photographer

MFA in Sound Art,

Columbia University

Kosuke Kawahara
Kosuke Kawahara

New York based Artist,

Painter, Photographer

MFA in Painting & Drawing,

Pratt Institute

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