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Class Summary

Practice advanced art making techniques

Class Description

Artuta’s Six Week courses are designed to teach advanced creativity in visual arts to children ages 7-9. Students will develop their artistic practice by experimenting with a variety of materials, techniques, and interdisciplinary approaches. There are four Six- Weeks courses per year, each formed around a specific theme. Although each class is structured, students have the freedom to pursue their own ideas within our small class size. Our instructors will allow time for presentations and reflections upon the end of each class. After week 6, students will receive evaluations by instructors, highlighting each student’s unique strengths. The 2023 Summer Session is about lines and shapes. While students are developing their relationship with lines and shapes, they will also learn about color and composition, as well as studying the geometric and organic patterns that exist around them. Each week, instructors will demonstrate an art project step-by-step, then students will try their hand at it, creating their own unique piece of art.


Sundays and Wednesdays

Suggested Ages



Jerry, Joan, Kosuke (changes week by week)



Required Materials

Drawing tools (Pencil, Colored Pencil, Pen, Marker), paper, colored paper, scissors, glue as well as weekly needs

Recommended Device

Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
(To get the best experience of our classes, we do not recommend using a smartphone)

Material Add-on

Artuta Fun Pack (Free)

Artuta’s customized Fun Pack is a package of art supplies and tools specially selected by instructors for students to use throughout their 6-week course. The Fun Pack will include special materials required for classes and will be automatically shipped to students free of charge at the beginning of each term.

drawing trees
drawing light

Class Schedule


2023 Summer Session for Age 7-9

/ May 21 - June 28

Week 1: Creative Drawing 1 - Futuristic Architecture

Date: May 21, 24

Objective: Learn basic geometric shapes and design unconventional architecture

Required materials: Drawing tools (pen and pencil, color pencil), paper

Week1: student work
Week1: student work

Week 2: Creative Drawing 2 - Cubism Still Life

Date: May 28, 31

Objective: Learn about Cubism and apply the style to a still life using household objects

Required materials: Drawing tools, paper, color paper, household objects

Week2: student work
Week2: student work

Week 3: Creative Drawing 3 - Draw with Letters

Date: Jun 4, 7

Objective: Rearrange English letters to create different objects

Required materials: Drawing tools, paper, color paper, photo reference

Week3: student work

Week 4: Creative Drawing 4 - Creating Organic Patterns from Nature

Date: Jun 11, 14

Objective: Create an original pattern using an object found in nature

Required materials: Drawing tools, paper, color paper, small object from nature

Week4: student work
Week4: student work

Week 5: Water Color 1 - Geometric Character

Date: Jun 18, 21

Objective: Learn the basics of watercolor and creating organic patterns

Required materials: Drawing tools, watercolor (tube type), brush, paper, watercolor paper, hair dryer

Week5: student work
Week5: student work

Week 6: Water Color 2 - Geometric Character

Date: Jun 25, 28

Objective: Develop watercolor and paper cut-out techniques while learning how to combine geometric shapes and organic patterns

Required materials: Drawing tools, watercolor (tube type), brush, paper, watercolor paper, color paper, hair dryer, scissors

Week6: student work
Week6: student work
Week6: student work
Week6: student work

2023 Fall Session for Age 7-9

/ May 21 - June 25, 2023

Location & Contact Details

Online Session

Class Note

Class content may be modified according to the interests of students. Scheduled instructors may be substituted without notice.

Registration Policy

Mid-session registration may be possible by the time class ends.

Recording notice

Artuta records and monitors its online and in-person classes for quality and marketing purposes. By participating in our classes, you agree to have you/your child photographed and/or recorded, unless you notify us otherwise. These images and videos may be used on the Artuta website, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media and marketing platforms.


There will be activities where you/your child will be required to cut paper or objects with scissors, which will require the student’s own responsibility. Artuta cannot be held liable for any harm or injury that takes place during our classes.

Cancellation Policy

Confirmed upon one week in-advance, full refunds or equivalent credits will be issued. In the event of Artuta’s inability to fulfill its class due to internet outage, students will receive a refund for the class.

drawing of a creature

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