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Takahiro Kawahara
Planna Inc., C.E.O.

Artuta's Founder, Takahiro Kawahara (or Taka, as he is known to his friends), is a proud father to three boys, and as any parent knows-- kids are constantly surprising adults with their imaginative ideas. Taka knows first-hand how important it is to support the development of these ideas because creativity is essential to developing life skills. With creativity, kids learn how to innovate and solve problems. Even more importantly, creativity makes life interesting and fulfilling.

Having lived in multiple countries with his family, Taka learned that surrounding yourself in a different culture provides an invaluable education. Cultural immersion allows you to see the world from a new perspective and stimulates you to think "outside the box."

Taka created the Artuta platform in order to unleash the whole world's creativity through art.

About Artuta

Artuta offers live online art classes for ages 4 and up, cultivating your child’s creativities from the comfort of your living room. Artuta’s instructors are professional artists who are passionate about sharing art experiences.

Our Vision

Find your own artistic style.

We believe that everyone has an inner artist and everyone is creative in their own way. We are here to help unleash your inner artist, nurture your creativity and find your artistic style.

Make art fun for everyone.

Art should be something anyone can enjoy. So we ensure that all our classes only require materials and tools found at home.The ability to express yourself freely through art is what makes art fun. We honor individuality by creating projects aimed at sharing individual interests and experiences.

Connect people through art.

We connect people from different backgrounds through art. It’s true that virtual learning comes with some constraints compared to in-person learning, but we believe that the greatest benefit of virtual learning is its accessibility. You can join from anywhere in the world and learn together with classmates from different cities or different countries. By exchanging artworks and ideas with others, your sensitivity and creativity will be nurtured.

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