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Snow Character Drawing Workshop
To create a snow character with drawing and paper cutting! Develop a story for it to fill it with life!
2/19/2023 (Sun) 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM (EST)
Ages 7-9
$20 per student
Online (Zoom)
photo of a girl drawing with water color

Workshop Description

Have you made snow characters before? In this workshop, students are encouraged to create a snow character by drawing and paper cutting in their own styles. For the character to come to life, students will have to fill in and build personalities and narratives. Artuta instructor Jerry will ask the what-when-why-how questions to extend imaginations from a single scenery to a flow of storytelling, resulting in students creating an image illustrating a scene of a big story. Towards the end of class, students will have the opportunity to share their drawings, reflect on what they observed, and upload images of their works to theArtuta Online Art Galleryso everyone can see.

Required Materials

Drawing tools, paper, colored paper, scissors, glue

Recommended Device

Desktop, Laptop or Tablet*
*To get the best experience of our classes, we do not recommend using a smartphone.

drawing trees
drawing light


instructor jerry
Jerry Chan
Hi everyone! My name is Jerry, I am a visual artist. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to New York in 2018, now based in New Jersey. I’m so excited to see you on Artuta to have fun together!


valentines day gallery 1
1. Runo
valentines day gallery 2
2. Maki
valentines day gallery 3
3. Akari
valentines day gallery 4
4. Saki

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