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Valentine’s Day Card Workshop
Have fun and grow your children’s imagination through making an original Valentin’s card!
2/12/2023 (Sun) 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM (EST)
Ages 7-9
$20 per student
Online (Zoom)
a girl drawing letter

Workshop Description

In this workshop students will learn and practice paper-cutting techniques resulting in a unique Valentine’s card! After a short introduction, Artuta instructor Kosuke will demonstrate paper-cutting techniques and show examples of the possibilities for the card. Students will embark on their own creations, while being encouraged to experiment and discover their own take on the technique. To wrap up, students will have the opportunity to share their cards with the class, reflect on what they observed, and upload images of their cards to the ArtutaArtuta Online Art Galleryso everyone can see!

Required Materials

Drawing tools, paper, colored paper, scissors, glue

Recommended Device

Desktop, Laptop or Tablet*
*To get the best experience of our classes, we do not recommend using a smartphone.

drawing various hearts
drawing heart and mountain


instructor kosuke
Kosuke Kawahara
Hello! I’m looking forward to meeting you here on Artuta. I am a Brooklyn based artist. I was born in Kyoto and raised in Shiga,Japan and moved to New York in 2011.


valentines day gallery 1
1. Runo
valentines day gallery 2
2. Maki
valentines day gallery 3
3. Akari
valentines day gallery 4
4. Saki

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