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Event name:
Drawing Summer Memories from Photographs (Online)
Draw a picture based on a photograph of a favorite summer memory.
Ages 4+:8/28/2022 (Sun) 10:00 AM - 1:45 PM
$30 per student (plus $25 per additional student)

Workshop Description

Summer is coming to a close and what better way to cherish a favorite summer memory than by drawing a picture of it? After demonstrating some possible techniques, Kosuke and Joan will work with students on their own photographic drawing. Students will be encouraged to “go beyond” by incorporating other techniques such as painting, collage and paper cut out. At the end of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to share their works and talk about their favorite summer memory, as well as upload a photo of their photo drawing to the Artuta Online Art Gallery.

Suggested Materials

Photographs (digital or printed), paper, colored pencils, pens any other drawing materials*
*We will also provide some shared materials for drawings.


instructor kosuke
Kosuke Kawahara
Hello! I’m looking forward to meeting you here on Artuta. I am a Brooklyn based artist. I was born in Kyoto and raised in Shiga,Japan and moved to New York in 2011.
instructor joan
Joan Hacker
My name is Joan and I am a Sound Art instructor here at Artuta. My intuition tells me that art cannot be taught; but curiosity and zeal can be inspired in others through one’s own love for a subject.
instructor jerry
Jerry Chan
Hi everyone! My name is Jerry, I am a visual artist. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to New York in 2018, now based in New Jersey. I’m so excited to see you on Artuta to have fun together!


valentines day gallery 1
1. Runo
valentines day gallery 2
2. Maki
valentines day gallery 3
3. Akari
valentines day gallery 4
4. Saki

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