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Event name:
Halloween Special Workshop (online)
JST: 2021/10/16 (Sat) 10:00 AM -10:45 AM
JST: 2021/10/17 (Sun) 10:00 AM -10:45 AM

Event Description

Are you looking for something special to do for Halloween this year?

Please join our Halloween special event! Artuta is presenting a 45-minutes family-friendly art workshop, hosted by our instructor and artist, Kosuke Kawahara.

In this workshop, we will make a Halloween mask with paper. This is an open-ended art project where everyone is encouraged to do “free art” and make independent choices on what materials to use and the outcome of the work. In the meantime, the instructor will demonstrate and create his version of Halloween mask. This will be shared on the Zoom screen.

This workshop consists of the steps below;

  • 1. Get to know us. - Quick introduction
  • 2. Get to work - Halloween mask creation
  • 3. Share your artwork - Quick show & tell
  • 4. Get back to work - Halloween mask creation
  • 5. Wrap up
Required Materials:
  • - Thick paper (white or color)
  • - Drawing materials (color pencil, marker, etc.)
  • - Collage materials (thin color paper, wrapping paper, etc.)
  • - Scissors
  • - Glue


Creative Drawing classes
Kosuke Kawahara
Hello! I’m looking forward to meeting you here on Artuta. I am a Brooklyn based artist. I was born in Kyoto and raised in Shiga, Japan and moved to New York in 2011.

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