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Creative Drawing

Instructor: Kosuke

In this class, we will cultivate how various lines and shapes can construct a wide range of images. We will start from simple drawing exercises such as filling a paper with one shape, then transitioning into building up detailed visuals. The instructor demonstrates how you can build up an image on paper; the method of this drawing class is sharing drawing processes to let kids mimic them, which leads them to final outcomes without verbal explanation.

In addition, the instructor sets up a theme for each season, freely digging into the imaginable interpretation of the visual language. For example, ocean color can be red, orange or green, the universe can be outer space as well as invisible underground. The theme only functions as a trigger to open up kids’ creativity; therefore, they are always encouraged to go beyond what the instructor shows. Each session will be a fun trip for kids!


As to begin a class, we rondomely draw various types/shapes of lines.

Drawing from Shape

In this practice, we utilize a simple shape to start your drawing.

Drawing into Shape

In this practice, we utilize a simple shape to start your drawing.

Cut’and Paste + Draw

In this practice, we combine collage and drawing.

GIF Animation

In this practice, we draw and use smartphone app to create a simple animation.

Interactive Picture Story

In this practice, students collaborate to make a sequence of images and generate various narratives.

Sound Art

Instructor: Joan

What is sound art? It’s simply art made with sound! Because of sound’s immaterality, sound art is often interdisciplinary and includes 2D art, sculpture, performance, and digital media. In this sound art workshop, artists will be encouraged to cultivate their own voices through guided independent and group projects. Each week we will dive into a new topic within the lens of a particular sound art practice, for example sound drawing, field recordings, instrument building, synthesizers and sound visualization video. The instructor will demonstrate a technique and students will interpret it their own way, coming away with their own unique artworks, compositions and videos. No prior experience necessary!

Sound Drawing

In this practice, you will draw images of various sound.

Sounding Animals

In this practice, you will make a mask and creating its sound.

Readymade Instrument

In this practice, students will learn how to build an instrument from a household object and record a composition.

Field Recordings

In this practice, students will learn how to make field recordings to make a composition

Sound Synthesis

In this practice, students learn how to use a synthesizer app to make a composition.

Sound Message Card

In this practice, students learn how to make a sound message card.

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